Monday, July 30, 2007

curt's journal from Uganda-July 27? (part two)

Last year, when Hillary came home from Uganda, she said to Leslie and I, “We HAVE to sponsor this boy in the choir named Bruno! He is the sweetest boy.”

After we paid the boda boda drivers, we walked into the primary school for a minute before we went to the high school. We met some of the school staff and then Bruno saw us and quickly walked over to us. He immediately came up to me and gave me a big hug! I instantly knew why Hill had been so adamant. He is such a sweet young man. I can’t wait to get to know him more while we’re here.

We went to the high school and Hillary began to round up her basketball buddies. Some of them said they had to do other things, but they changed their minds I guess, because pretty soon there was a big group of older kids kicking the younger kids off of the court so they could play full court with Hillary. For some reason, the staff only wants her to come to play basketball two days a week. I think maybe some of the other programs they want to plug these boys into were suffering when she came every day. She’s not too happy about that arrangement, but really enjoys her time with these guys. She plays with a constant smile on her face. I was happy to see she still has her shooting touch too. Every time she scores people around the court clap. Some of the boys were pretty good, but “rat ball” is the same everywhere you go. Everyone wants to make the fancy play or flashy pass. Unlike playing basketball with guys in America, these guys actually look for Hillary and pass her the ball whenever they can…probably because she’s proven herself.

As I was watching, school kids kept coming over to me and talking to me. I met this girl named Irene who told me she wants to be a doctor and a lawyer. That would be a great combination in the U.S. with all of the malpractice lawsuits! I asked her if she likes school and she gave the most sincere look and said, “Oh YES! I just love it SO much! God has been so good to me to allow me to go to school. Oh, I love it SO MUCH!” I could tell she really meant it too. I asked her if she played any sports and she said, “Yes, I play Chase.” I imagined some sort of version of keep-away or maybe sprinting races. I asked her how it’s played and she said, “Do you see those boys over there playing Chase. Have you never played Chase before?” I looked over to see about twelve boys huddled around four CHESS boards. Ah…I need to listen more carefully.

As I was watching the basketball game, darkness fell. I mean it FELL. I could literally watch it change shades of darkness, and suddenly, it was completely dark. The game ended and we walked down to find our ride home. This is where I thought we might die with a boda boda as the murder weapon, but we arrived home safely. I figured out one of their tricks. When they need to make a turn across traffic, they find a large vehicle and Since Mary is under my care, I’m not about to let her ride those, not that she wants to. She’s seen them drive. I think maybe she’s too intelligent for that. Wait, what does that say about me? Sometimes the truth hurts.

I settled down for a nice relaxing night of sleep after my first day in Africa, or so I thought…

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Wow, it's been almost a year since we've updated this. Our family had a wonderful experience traveling to Uganda two summers ago, which prompted us to keep a journal on this blog. You can read our daily journal from our month long trip

This year brings new adventures. Our eldest daughter, Courtney, after graduating from George Fox University with honors, left for her third trip to India to spend nearly a YEAR to work at Happy Home for the Handicapped in Shimoga, India. You can read about her first trip to India and the impact it had on her life here. She'll also give us new updates from her current trip on this site (here). As of this writing, she is just starting to settle in and is very excited to be there. She has been looking forward to this for a long time!

Meanwhile, Hillary spent all of last year
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