Thursday, July 19, 2007

hillary's uganda journal - july 19

The kids at Lusaka were taking exams today. It seems like they are always taking exams! And each time they tell me they were so simple, I wonder what the point is in the huge number of exams when the kids already know all of the information!? I think the teachers are running out of things to test them on, but they won't give up that easily. At any chance they get, with any new piece of information, they need to be tested. Semi-stupid to me, I can try all I want to try and get a rebellion started from the kids, the school system here is intense. But these kids never complain about it, so no use in my trying to stir things up, I guess. haha

Anyway, I spent most of the afternoon sorting through beans. I learned what they call them in Luganda, but it was a long word and now I forget. I was sitting on my little stool next to a bag that had, before lunch, held a whole bunch of meat, so there were millions of flies. Everywhere. It was a pretty relaxing afternoon though, I had a lot of time to listen to the conversations around me and to think. I admit my thinking wasn't as deep as you couldv'e asked for. It mostly consisted of how itchy I was. What with flies constantly landing on me and all the bugs I had to take out of the bucket of beans with my fingers. I felt like there were bugs crawling all over me. But, I am getting pretty good at sorting through beans. Ask anyone, they'll agree.

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Stephanie said...

Yay beans! :)I remember having to do that when my stepdads gma brought some beans from el salvador. It was the first time I saw bugs in my beans! I was used to just goin through em and sometimes (like 1 outta 100x) finding like a rock..NO BUGS. Eww I remember when we boiled em the bugs just settled on top of the pot! Whatev...they were good. well @ least once I was 110% sure I didn't SEE ne more. I"m pretty sure I ate some though. haha

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