Friday, June 15, 2007

hillary's uganda journal - june 13-14

Posted by Curt, but written by Hillary...

June 13th
I was at Lusaka today, but Hannington and Hopkins decided not to show up for a long time so I had to jump around from desk to desk when the faculty weren't using them to do my work (no one had a key to Hannington's office). Then I finally got a chance to slip away by myself and go up to Yvonne's house. I don't think that's allowed, but I"m going a little crazy having someone go with me everywhere. It feels like I have a bodyguard. I'm not a big fan of that!

SO I went up to see Harriet (Yvonne's mom, I just found out what her name is). I brought some sweets for Monica (Yvonne's baby sister) because she's scared of me. SO I thought, "what better way to make someone like me than giving them candy, right!?" But Monica wasn't there. Harriet said that she was at prayers. She's like 2 years old, so I don't really know what that meant. (haha)

Me and Yvonne.

It's really interesting talking to Yvonne's mom because her and Yvonne are so much alike! They have the same mannerisms in how they talk. Like Yvonne sometimes rolls her eye's up when she is talking, like maybe when she's tyring to think of a word, and her mom does the same thing! And they look exactly the same too! Yvonne is just a miniature of her mom!

Yvonne practicing with the choir

June 14th
Today I didn't even leave the apartments! I was just there all by myself working on sponsorship stuff. But it went really well! I went through the paperwork from the villages of Lugazi, Rwenjiri, Troas, and Kitongo and got them all organized. I paperclipped things together and put stickies on them so that I know exactly what that individual stack of papers needs in order to be completed so I can send it back to the states. I know, I'm a nerd, but these kinds of things are very satisfying for me! haha

After I got done, everyone was still out, so I decided to cook dinner all by myself! I cooked the peas and rice and I made chipotis. Because I am becoming a pro at making those suckers. It was a little difficult by myself because nothing is measured here, so I just had to guess at how much onions, carrots, tomatoes and salt to put in. Which resulted in it being a little plain because I didn't want to overdo it. But it was still good!

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As of May 27, 2009...

Wow, it's been almost a year since we've updated this. Our family had a wonderful experience traveling to Uganda two summers ago, which prompted us to keep a journal on this blog. You can read our daily journal from our month long trip

This year brings new adventures. Our eldest daughter, Courtney, after graduating from George Fox University with honors, left for her third trip to India to spend nearly a YEAR to work at Happy Home for the Handicapped in Shimoga, India. You can read about her first trip to India and the impact it had on her life here. She'll also give us new updates from her current trip on this site (here). As of this writing, she is just starting to settle in and is very excited to be there. She has been looking forward to this for a long time!

Meanwhile, Hillary spent all of last year
touring the western U.S. with Matsiko, the choir of children we grew to love as our own in Uganda. She journalled about her experiences in Uganda if you'd like to see what that was like. At some point during this tour, she felt led to join the U.S. Army. Quite a big decision, and one she didn't take lightly. After moving through Basic Training with flying colors, she is now at Fort Sam Houston in San Antonio training to become a combat medic. It's a very intense training, but we're sure she'll do well. Our whole family was able to travel to South Carolina to watch her graduate from Basic Training. What an awe inspiring experience!

Leslie is having a great year of teaching 5th graders. She's also in a Master's program, which takes a good chunk of her time. She's still finds time to read a TON of books. Literally, a ton!

Curt was overwhelmed by his experience as a first time overseas traveler and kept up his journal here (you can also read his random posts on everyday life here). The busyness of life and keeping track of his traveling kids has slowed down his writing, but he hopes to begin writing on a regular basis again soon.