Monday, June 11, 2007

hillary's uganda journal - june 11

Posted by Curt, but written by Hillary...

I've always been proud of the fact that I haven't been sick or have had many mosquito bites while in Uganda. I took it as a sign that I was supposed to live here, as I looked around at all my suffering teamates. Well, scratch the first one. I've now been pretty hardcore sick (still getting over it actually), But, as for the second one, I dismissed the first few bites, ignorantly claiming, "no, those aren't bites!" or thinking those mosquitos were possessed, "they must be the crazy ones to bite me!" But now, I just can't deny the little red bumps, varying in size, protruding all over my arms.

Yep...those are definately mosquito bites. Malaria here I come!

Just joking! I'm not going to get malaria!
....I hope I didn't say that too soon...

But, enough of that. It's been a lot quieter without the Corban team here. And, I'm not gonna lie, I'm enjoying it! I get to go through all the children's papers and rewrite the information that is sent to their sponsers, and I'm organizing their letters they wrote. SO it's pretty fun for me. I also get to hang out with the choir every once in a while and hear their practices.

Every time I'm in Lusaka I go up the road to visit Yvonne's mom. She is SO sweet! And either she's shy or she doesn't speak much english. Either way, she is the nicest mom to me, even if I wake her up!

Stacey, I gave Mable that Bible you got her- she LOVES it! Every time I see her she asks me about you, and she is always carrying that picture you sent!

It's getting pretty rainy these days. I don't mind the rain, it's actually pretty fun because it's so hard! And it's pretty cool watching the red dirt rivers flowing down the roads. The only downside is that things tend to not happen very often when it rains. Especially if we were planning to travel somewhere. People usually just stay inside.

June 11th
Today I was at Lusaka doing a lot of paperwork. Oy. For lunch I had posho! Which is by far my least favorite African food (it's called Ogali in Kenya, and it might be worse there). Every time they serve it I have to choke it down. I'm ok with most foods here, actually, I love most foods here and I am becoming a pro at cooking African food!

But Posho..I don't think I can ever learn to like it!

Then I was tired with paperwork after lunch so I helped the cooks with everything that they do. I sorted beans for hours!! They make the food for all the children at the school, so I saw a crazy amount of beans today!


Curt Sell said...

Kelly says...

"Tell Hillary she looks and sounds like she's having the time of her life with the kids."

Kim Sell said...

Oh my gosh!! So Hillary has me cracking up with her Malaria Ogali(so is it pronounced oh golly this again?!) Then at the same time I'm all misty looking at the pics. awesome. Stay healthy girl we're praying for you!


Anonymous said...

Hi Hill, I'm loving being able to read about all your experiences and see your pic's - kind of feel like I'm right there with you. You look so happy! Thanks for the pic of Mable with her bible. Give her my love. You're continually in my thoughts and prayers. I love you, Stac-

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